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Math Game, Reading Challenge, and Megillat Esther

Yahadut: Megillat Esther

We looked closely at a real megilla scroll that Shira has from her bat mitzvah. We compared the megilla to the Torah scroll that we had examined back in the beginning of the year. What is the same? What is different? Students were surprised to see colored illustrations inside the megillah.

We also read the story of Megillat Esther in Hebrew. Each student chose one scene to design on their own. They wrote a title, illustrated a picture, composed speech or thought bubbles for characters, and copied the appropriate verse source from the megillah. Next week we will compile the pages into a class megilla!



This week we officially finished our math 2A workbooks! As a final project the second graders created board games where they had to make problems from each unit we’ve learned. They enjoyed being creative and modeling their games after some favorites like “Sorry” “Shoots and Ladders” and “Trouble”. We had a blast playing these games and reviewing all that we have learned! The workbook is a supplemental material to the curriculum and we do not complete and check every page, so over the weekend or whenever you have spare time have your child work on some empty pages to continue practicing math!

At home, create your own math board game together to play as a family!

Reading Stamina Challenge

The past 2 weeks the second graders have been practicing reading for longer periods of time. So far, we have gotten up to 20 minutes of sustained, focused, quiet reading. We have seen second graders try new books, read more, and excitedly check our new stamina chart to see how much time they can read for as a class. We have talked about what independent reading looks like (eyes on the page, sitting comfortably) and why it is important to practice focusing on reading for longer periods of time. The second graders are super motivated to try and make it to the top of our chart- 45 minutes!

Try creating your own reading chart at home.