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March 6, 2020

First Grade News

Dear First Grade Families, Did you know, that collectively the first grade students have lost 95 teeth! Every time we loose a tooth we add it to our graph.  We have enjoyed comparing which class has lost more teeth. In reading we read aloud the book “Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky” and from our new book about space.  In phonics we continued our exploration of magic e.  We took a pretend example of student work and edited it to make sure the words had magic e.  We also learned that no words end with the...
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March 6th

Hebrew with Rimma Dear families, For the last two weeks, we have discussed different after school activities and studied related vocabulary. We brainstormed about equipment that we would need for a photography class, wrote a recipe for fruit and egg salad, and talked about different types of musical instruments and how to play them. Students expressed what it means to be a good teacher and discussed what kind of qualities a good teacher needs to have. Now, students are able to scan flyers about after school activities and find specific and important information. We will continue to explore this topic...
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Math Game, Reading Challenge, and Megillat Esther

Yahadut: Megillat Esther We looked closely at a real megilla scroll that Shira has from her bat mitzvah. We compared the megilla to the Torah scroll that we had examined back in the beginning of the year. What is the same? What is different? Students were surprised to see colored illustrations inside the megillah. We also read the story of Megillat Esther in Hebrew. Each student chose one scene to design on their own. They wrote a title, illustrated a picture, composed speech or thought bubbles for characters, and copied the appropriate verse source from the megillah. Next week we...
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Our Week in Fifth Grade: 3-6-20

Advisory Over the past several weeks, the fifth graders have been visiting the Brooklyn Autism Center and spending time with BAC students. Our visits concluded last week and we could not be more proud of the fifth graders’ work there. They were incredibly kind, accepting, and thoughtful to their BAC buddies. You could see how excited the BAC students were each week to spend time with our students. The BAC staff was nothing but complimentary to the way that our students interacted with their students and made them feel like genuine friends. Kol Hakavod to all of the fifth graders...
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