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100th Day, Pajama Day, and Purim Prep!

What a week back from school! So many fun activities. 100th day, pajama day, and Zsuzsi’s birthday celebration! A fun way to return to school. At Kabbalat Shabbat we shared reasons we were happy to return to school this week, and students had much to share!

100th Day Math and Pajama Day

For the math station of the 100th day the second graders had a puzzle of a 100 chart they had to fill out. However this puzzle was super tricky! Only random numbers were given in mixed up boxes. We talked about the patterns on a 100 chart: every time you go up the 100 chart, you subtract 10, and every time you go down the chart you add 10. There’s more patterns to discover as well! While it was tough, second graders worked together to put the 100 chart puzzle together and succeeded!

Over the weekend, look up some games involving the number 100. You can take Legos and make items out of 100 pieces, use stickers to make a page of them groups in 10s, etc.

For pajama day the second graders had a hot chocolate treat during math class, which they enjoyed with their stuffed animal friends. For science, the second grader counted 100 Chex Mix pieces, added almond butter and chocolate, shook the bag 100 times then added a powdered sugar toppings. Some students decided to count by 5s and 10s to go faster, and we talked about ways to group our Chex Mix rather than counting them one by one. Finally, we tried a new activity where we sewed our very own lavender or lemon scented pillows. Second graders learned the technique for sewing and through many tries persevered until the pillow was completed.

Take a sniff of your child’s pillow! At home, try a sewing activity- they loved it!

Yahadut: Pajama Day on Rosh Chodesh Adar

We celebrated Pajama day along with the school, singing Mi’shenichnas Adar Marbin B’simcha” in a parade down to the gym. We discussed why our school celebrates Pajama Day on Rosh Chodesh Adar. Ask your child why!

Students loved bringing their stuffies to tfilah and having them help follow along in their siddurim !

Purim Stations

We started learning about and preparing for Purim. We read a funny book about the story, and reviewed symbols, foods, and characters in Hebrew. Students chose from a variety of stations for practicing vocabulary and becoming familiar with the story and customs- puzzle, memory, dominoes, art, and ritual object exploration. This was also a great way for students to practice cooperative play after being away from school.