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March 24, 2023

First Grade News

Hello Families, In the Hebrew classroom, we started to learn about Pesach (Passover)! We reviewed the story of Pesach. We spoke about the different symbols of the holiday, including the hagadah, the seder plate (kearat seder), and matzah. We learned that Pesach has 4 names: Chag Hapesach, Chag Haaviv (the spring holiday), Chag Hacherut (the holiday of freedom) and Chag Hamatzot. We also reviewed the four questions (ma nishtana), and many first graders are excited to recite them at their Seders. We are going to continue to learn more about Pesach throughout next week. We learned how to write the letters gimel,mem and alef in script and continued practicing our reading and writing in Hebrew. The first graders...
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Kindergarten Blog 3/24

Dear Kindergarten Families, It was a pleasure meeting with you all over the last two weeks to talk about the progress your children are making in Kindergarten. We have been so focused on preparing for the conferences, that somehow Spring snuck up on us– it’s hard to believe we’re this far into the year! It was so nice looking through all the students’ work and seeing how much they’ve grown since the start of the year, and we enjoyed sharing that growth with you. In Science, students are continuing to learn about plants, and have been studying the parts of...
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