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First Grade News

Hello Families,

In the Hebrew classroom, we started to learn about Pesach (Passover)! We reviewed the story of Pesach. We spoke about the different symbols of the holiday, including the hagadah, the seder plate (kearat seder), and matzah. We learned that Pesach has 4 names: Chag HapesachChag Haaviv (the spring holiday), Chag Hacherut (the holiday of freedom) and Chag Hamatzot. We also reviewed the four questions (ma nishtana), and many first graders are excited to recite them at their Seders. We are going to continue to learn more about Pesach throughout next week. We learned how to write the letters gimel,mem and alef in script and continued practicing our reading and writing in Hebrew. The first graders were so excited to learn the Hatikvah – the national anthem of Israel. We spoke about the meaning of the word tikvah (hope) and we shared things that we hope for. We will end our morning Tefilah with Hatikvah.

In reading our detectives have solved the case of the letter twins, the compound words, and sticky letters! We reviewed digraphs and blends and discovered that some words have 3 letter blends that stick together. We also explored two-syllable words that have double consonants in the middle (letter twins) and figured out how to decode and spell words like “kitten” and “little”.  We solve our last case next week and then we celebrate!  First graders also solved their first wordle on the 3rd try!

In math we have continued to compare larger numbers using a number line, using the 10’s and 1’s digits within the number, and by breaking larger groups of objects into 10’s and 1’s. We are also starting to explore numberless word problems to understand what is happening in the story and think about what we know before we choose an operation to solve a problem. We are learning to recognize if the problem is asking us to join together, take apart, compare, or break into parts. 1st graders have done a wonderful job learning from each other’s strategies!


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Shabbat Shalom,

Liz and Ilana