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Kindergarten Blog 3/24

Dear Kindergarten Families,

It was a pleasure meeting with you all over the last two weeks to talk about the progress your children are making in Kindergarten. We have been so focused on preparing for the conferences, that somehow Spring snuck up on us– it’s hard to believe we’re this far into the year! It was so nice looking through all the students’ work and seeing how much they’ve grown since the start of the year, and we enjoyed sharing that growth with you.

In Science, students are continuing to learn about plants, and have been studying the parts of plants as well as what plants need to grow. They have labeled their own diagrams of a flower, created booklets that show the four essentials for plants’ growth (sun, soil, water, air), and most recently they got to see how pollination works by pretending to be bees “landing” on flowers and spreading pollen throughout the field. (We used Q-tips as the bees’ legs, cotton balls as flowers, and Kool-aid powder as pollen.)

In Word Work, students have learned four new snap words: we, for, with, and have. Students have also been working on lowercase letters y, j, p.

In Writers Workshop, students are continuing to work on true stories about themselves.  We continue to work on making stories easier for ourselves and others to read by adding periods at the  end of sentences. We are looking at other punctuation marks in the Morning Message (question marks, exclamation points, and commas) and even have special motions that we do when we see each mark).

Last week, Kindergarten had a publishing party with the 2nd grade! The students worked hard to edit and perfect their books, and even made rice krispie treats to share with our second grade friends.

In Social Studies each child has drawn a picture of a family different from their own, thinking about the adults, the children, skin color, and hair color.  We are just beginning to build the families out of  Model Magic.

In Math we have been counting by 10’s and counting on from multiples of ten.  We practiced counting by 5’s on the 100’s chart and filled in some missing numbers. Next week we will make use of your generous donations to the Penny Drive to learn about coins. 

In Hebrew, we learn about spring! We talked about how the weather changes, how our clothing changes, and how we feel about the warmer weather! We also talked about the colors we see outside in spring, in flowers and other things.We learned the song about butterflies..

Spring אביב

Butterfly פרפר

Leaves עלים

Caterpillar זחל

birds ציפורים

We started learning about Pesach this week! We talked about the word seder/סדר and that it means order. The Pesach seder is a time when we follow the directions and tell the story of the Jewish people’s freedom from slavery while leaving Egypt. We’ve been practicing the four questions/מה נשתנה, asking why this night is different from all other nights.

We can feel the Pesach excitement in the air!

Shabbat Shalom, 

K Team