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January 9, 2020

January 10, 2020

Humanities  In ELA, students have been finishing analysis of Beowulf: A New Telling by identifying major themes and writing theme statements about the book. We’ve been continuing our second set of vocabulary. Instead of taking a traditional quiz this week, we wrote poems, journal entries, or gratitude notes using at least five vocabulary words from weeks 1-6. I was so impressed and inspired by their creativity and thoughtfulness in this task. They wrote thoughtful, funny poems and kind notes, all using words like bestow, vaunt, renegade, incipient, and many more. In social studies, students are choosing a modern Muslim person...
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January 10, 2019 — A Shehecheyanu to 2020

Hebrew with Rimma and Tomer Dear families, Happy 2020!! It was great to see the kids after the winter break. This week we continued to explore the Unit “The trip of our classroom “. We studied related vocabulary to this topic,  discussed how students and, teachers prepare for the field trip , how to make plans, what to take and how to extend invitation, how to behave on the bus,  what is forbidden and what we can do on the bus. We enjoyed singing along גברת עם סלים ״  “  (Lady with baskets full of food) and enriched our food...
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6th Grade News: Happy New Year Edition

Advisory: In advisory this week, we were so lucky to have our own school’s mindfulness expert (and Judaics teacher!) Laura lead some sessions around managing stress with our 6th graders. She and the students discussed how their bodies respond physically when they feel stressed, how to manage these mental and physical feelings through mindfulness-related strategies, and more. On Friday, students practiced some of these strategies, including deep breathing and muscle relaxation techniques. We hope that these conversations and mindful practices will help our 6th graders manage anxiety in their academic and social lives. -Mike and Naomi, 6th grade advisors Judaics:...
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Week of January 6

Judaic Studies with Ariana It’s been wonderful to see the students back in school. The first week we made sure to play community building games and ice breakers to get better acquainted with our new groups.We have also returned to our Chumash studies. We continue to explore the intricate story of Yaakov and Esav. We learned four new pesukim and have been working with our Chavruta teammates in our workbooks and notebooks. Next week, we will begin working on our Social Action Project. We are planning a visit to an animal shelter that will take place on the Senesh Week...
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