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September 28, 2018

Weeks 3 and 4: Monday, September 17th – Friday, September 28th

Hebrew Dear Parents, These few days students continued to explore describing things in their world through their senses. Students watched an Israeli TV program about the 5 senses, practiced having conversations in the Shuk describing what they see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Students also wrote and acted out short skits using the new vocabulary, using both present and past tense. I wish you all Hag Sameach, Andreea Heritage להורים שלום, השבוע המשכנו לעבוד על היחידה “מעשה טוב” במהלכה תלמידים שיתפו במעשה טוב שהם עשו במהלך החגים כלפי חבריהם, בני משפחה או בכלל. למדנו את העקרון “תעביר את זה הלאה”,...
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Hello Kindergarten Families

Hello Families! Our days have been full as we continue to explore new tools to help us learn and get to know our friends and workmates better! We have been working on our buddy reading skills and got to show them off when we met our 4th grade buddies on Wednesday! Both grades had a wonderful time. We have also been discussing and reading inspirational books to help us think, draw, and write about what our hopes and dreams are for kindergarten this year. As we talk about what makes us special and unique individually, we have been using shapes...
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6th Grade Blog 9/17-9/28/18

HUMANITIES This week in Social Studies class, students learned all about what defines a civilization, and which features all civilizations have in common. For example, all have organized governments, their own forms of art and architecture, and big cities. Students then “created” their own civilizations — describing their civilizations’ important jobs, languages, government positions, and more. It was fun to hear about their creative, made-up worlds, and to see how they all incorporated the key features of a civilization in different ways. In ELA class, we are just beginning our first class text: The Epic of Gilgamesh. This tale, which...
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September 28 – Chag Sukkot Sameach!

Dear Fourth Grade Families, What an incredible three-day week! Sukkah sleepover, Simchat Torah, and buddy activities all rolled into such a short period of time, and the fourth graders truly made the most of it. Last week, students received the names of their new Kindergarten buddies, and on Wednesday they finally got to meet them (and read to them). They showed great maturity and eagerness to share as they took on these leadership roles. Please enjoy today’s blog and pictures from buddy activities and the Sukkah sleepover!   Super Cool Parade Fun at the Sleepover: -The Fourth Grade Team Coming...
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Sukkot Trip, Social Learning

Writing In Writing Workshop we studied authors who have written meaningful small moment stories. We read the story Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, and noticed how she described this one night of owling and stretched it over so many pages! We got to writing our small moment narratives, using ideas from our decorated writing folders, and studying Jane Yolen’s writing to help us stretch our stories. With our writing buddies we talked about our ideas, brainstormed ways authors decide on their small moments, and shared our writing. We can’t wait to read The Leaving Morning by Angela Johnson next week...
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