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Fifth Grade Blog

5th Grade Week of 11/28

Please join our class google photo album so you can see all of our great photos from the year! https://photos.app.goo.gl/TxJ8pei9sRfYkfG76 Humanities It’s been an exciting past couple of weeks in Humanities. We are working on wrapping up our Wonder unit by writing opinion essays in response to various prompting questions. In addition, students are doing a tremendous job working on their Celebrations of Civilizations project. We are looking forward to seeing everyone Dec. 19th! Judaics Last week we finished our first Chumash unit. Students demonstrated their new grammar and root word skills by searching all of the text we studied and sorting...
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5th Grade Week of 11/5

Humanities: This week in Humanities, we continued our study of Wonder, exploring the themes of personal identity and text-to-self connections. We tied in our Opinion Writing unit with reading Wonder as well. In Social Studies, we began to wrap up our Early Civilizations and Early Humans unit by study the Ancient Sumerians.-Tony Math: Following multiplication of whole numbers, we moved onto its opposite operation: division. Similar to division, students learned that there are a number of strategies we can use to save time and steps. For example, instead of moving the number of zeroes of each factor to the product when we...
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5th Grade Week of 10/22

Humanities: In Humanities this week, we continued our study of Wonder. Students transferred skills from our opinion writing unit to express opinions with evidence about Wonder. Students also examined a variety of opinion writing pieces as mentor texts. In Social Studies, we continued our study of early humans and civilizations. Have a good weekend!-Tony Math: Multiplication was the name of the game the past two weeks in math. Students have learned and demonstrated a variety of strategies they can utilize in order to multiply whole numbers. We’ve also continued to round and estimate to ensure our answers are correct, or at least...
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5th Grade Week of 10/8

Humanities What a great first full week! In Humanities, we continued studying Wonder while practicing a couple of kinds of discussions, including Socratic Seminars. We continued to work on Personal Narratives and revising techniques, and studied the fascinating lives of early humans in Social Studies. Have a great weekend!-Tony Math This week, our fifth graders took their very first math quiz of the year. Two days before, all students took a pre-test to give them the practice they needed. The actual test followed the same format, so there were no surprises. Students will be given the opportunity to fix their errors (if any),...
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fifth grade week of 9\24

Humanities  In Humanities, we are continuing writing our personal narratives, studying Wonder, and exploring our new History Alive! history curriculum. Students are learning the basic skills that come with being a Middle School humanities student, and are identifying their strengths and areas of improvement as they begin to start more challenging work. Our NYC Challenge experience was incredible, and truly bonded us as a community! Have a good weekend! Judaics-Please see Laura’s separate post about the NYC Challenge! Math Fifth grade math students have been working hard at the last pages of our first unit. This week, we’ve been focusing...
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5th Grade Week of 9/10

So glad to be back! We have enjoyed the new school year so much with our new 5th graders, and look forward to a wonderful year ahead. Please enjoy our classroom updates below, and have a good weekend! Humanities: What a start to the year! We have dived right in to our Humanities units, including reading Wonder, studying story structure, writing personal narratives, and learning important academic skills like identifying cause and effect. We will continue to build fundamental skills over the next few weeks in each of the major Humanities subjects, while exploring the essential theme of Identity. Have a great...
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5th Grade Week of 9/4

Welcome back! We hope everyone has had a good summer, and we are so excited to start the new year! Please enjoy our first classroom updates below, and have a good holiday weekend! HUMANITIES: Hello! My name is Tony Buonomo. I am coming back for my 2nd year as 5th Grade Humanities teacher. I am so excited to start another year at Senesh! I look forward to meeting our new 5th graders and introducing them to the wonderful worlds we will explore in Reading, Writing, and Social Studies. We will begin next week by getting to know each other, and then...
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