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June 9: End of the Year Wrap-Up


What a year! We’ve read novels, written essays, traveled through ancient civilizations, and kept up with current events. We ended the year by finishing A Long Walk to Water and learning more about Salva’s effort to bring clean water to his former home. We also watched interviews with Lost Boys who have been resettled to the United States where they shared their experiences moving from Sudan to the US.

Our final social studies project was a talk show where the guests each represented one of the three Chinese philosophies, Confucianism, Daoism, or Legalism. The students learned about the philosophies, decided which they wanted to represent, wrote the talk show script, and performed it for their classmates.

Final edits were made to the argumentative essay and the essays were shared with the rest of the class. Everyone was given compliments on their hard work!

It has been an incredible year and your children are such an amazing group of kids! I wish for everyone a restorative summer filled with good books.


As the school year comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to express my immense pride in each and every student. Throughout the year, they have worked diligently and demonstrated a remarkable commitment to learning. Together, we delved into the fascinating world of math, exploring more recent topics such as order of operations and central tendency. I want to specifically highlight the remarkable effort they put into the Food Truck Challenge. This project required students to apply all the knowledge and skills they acquired throughout the year to a real-world scenario. From designing their menus and calculating costs to analyzing profit and creating logos, students demonstrated creativity, critical thinking, and an ability to connect math to the world around them. Their ability to apply their mathematical knowledge to practical situations is a skill that will serve them well beyond the classroom. 

Each student has grown and developed their problem-solving skills throughout the year, and it has been a pleasure to witness their progress. Their perseverance, resilience, and eagerness to learn have been truly inspiring. I have no doubt that their dedication and enthusiasm will continue to propel them forward in their academic journey. Congratulations on a fantastic year, and I wish all the students all the best in their future endeavors.

Judaic Studies

In Judaics class, at Pesach time, we focused on the Midrash of the 4 children. Students saw the way that we can all embody different aspects of the children in different situations and times in our lives. They made their own version of the 4 children connecting the personalities to books, TV shows, and characters that were familiar to them, designing cards for a Pesach table card game. They also had the opportunity to lead the Kiddush at school Pesach Seders led by the 7th graders. As we counted through the Omer approaching Shavuot, the 5th grade studied sources connecting the holiday to the practice of eating dairy, having fun designing their own Shavuot themed dairy product based on the sources.

In our study of Humash, we learned about Joseph’s skill of interpreting dreams and the nature of free will. We noticed as Joseph developed from an immature gloating youth into a humble and capable adult. The students competed in a series of rap battles, writing creative raps and poetry incorporating the experiences of the characters and elements from the text.  As we come to the close of our studies a Joseph accuses, frames, and ultimately reveals his identity, we will reflect on the journey that we have been on this year and how Joseph’s growth is mirrored in our own.
The 5th grade should be proud of all of their accomplishments and growth as learners and classmates. May you all have a wonderful summer!
Hebrew Heritage 
להורים שלום,
לא ייאמן שסוף השנה הגיע.
השנה הייתה מלאה בעשייה ובפעילויות, למדנו כללים בדקדוק, כמו הטיית פעלים בזמן עתיד. למדנו סיפורים עם מוסר השכל והקדשנו חודש ל״מעשים טובים״ ומשמעותם. בין לבין עסקנו בפרויקטים שונים כגון: ״המדריך למטייל בישראל״ שבמסגרתו הגיעו לכיתתנו הורים, סבים וסבתות מניו יורק ואף חלקם מישראל, שהציגו בפני ילדי הכיתה סיפור אישי שלהם הקשור למקום בישראל. במסגרת הפרויקט האחרון שלנו ״אורויוזין״, התלמידים בחרו שיר ישראלי שייצג את ישראל באורויזיון, ערכו מחקר והציגו אותו בפני הכיתה.
תודה רבה על כל התמיכה והפרגון במשך השנה.
מאחלת לכם חופשה מהנה ונעימה.
The 5th-grade scientists have wrapped up their year by learning all about density. What is density? How do we find an object’s density? How can we use this density to predict the buoyancy of an object? This was discovered through both hands-on and virtual labs where practiced the skills of finding mass and volume. Through exploration, students were able to come to the conclusion that when an object’s density is greater than a liquid’s density, it sinks. When the opposite is true, the object sinks. With that, we have reached the end of the year! This 5th-grade group and I have been with each other for 3 years, through covid and beyond, and it is now time to pass them on to the middle school science teacher. This transition is always bitter-sweet and I will miss seeing their faces every week in the science lab. Luckily, they aren’t too far away and I can’t wait to watch them continue to grow throughout middle school!
Hebrew (with Tamar)
Students worked hard this year on strengthening their ability to recognize and correctly use present and past tenses. This week we concluded our biography readings with students presentations! ! Throughout the year we practiced verbs in the past tense through biographies we read about Jewish people in The US and Israel. The linguistic goal was to acquire the use of past tense, apply it in conversations and strengthen reading skills, all while expanding knowledge of the Jewish world. For their end of year project students wrote about a renowned Jewish figure which included the painter Marc Chagall, singers Neta, Chava Alberstein Elvis Presley, and Idan Raichel, Israeli surfer Gal Friedman, Israeli judoka Yael Arad and actor Adam Sandler. Students used nouns, adjectives and verbs in the past tense that we practiced throughout the year such as born, grew up, relocated, studied, performed, played. Students worked diligently on their projects and presented them to the class.