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First grade news

This week in first grade was full of learning about our environments.  Whether it was by practicing recycling or practicing routines!  We had a fun filled short week!

In Reading this week, we received our book baggies and practiced picking a just right book.  We continued reading books about apples, by reading the book “Mr. Peabody’s Apples” by Madonna (yes that Madonna)  The students loved the illustrations in the book.  One of the main lessons of the book is the importance of telling the truth.

In Math this week we focused on one more and one less.  We also really emphasized on that the comma means when we are listing something especially a number. We also worked on what comes after the number.

In Science, we read an inspirational poem, “Who Has Seen the Wind”, before taking an observational walk outside to observe the weather.  Each eager scientist had a clipboard with a journal page to record their observations of the weather in terms of what they saw, felt, heard, and smelled.  Next week we will discuss what we all observed and share leaves collected.

Lastly, this week we had a recycling relay with our own garbage as a way to learn about what can get recycled.  We learned that even cardboard can go in the paper bin!  Each student practiced what goes into which bin.  As a class, we talked about reduce, reuse, and recycle and learned what we can do daily to have a positive impact on our world.