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Kindergarten Newsletter


Hello Families,

In our short week, we have accomplished so much!

Both the yellow and blue group have focused on learning their own names by heart.  They are now using an uppercase letter followed by lowercase letters and even have taught their friends.  Kids are now acting as experts on their beginning letter in the room. During writing, friends coming to them to ask for advice!

We have started exploring 1 and 2 in both handwriting and representing the numbers in different ways.  We are also comparing numbers using language like less, more, bigger, smaller, and greater than. We are jumping into our math workbooks!

A new favorite read aloud is “In My Heart”.  We discussed different feelings in this book and will continue to practice sharing how we are feeling at different times of day and what causes our feelings.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Liz + Talia


Dear Kindergarten parents,

This week in Yehadut we learned about Yom Kippur. We talked about Tashlich. We also started talking about Sukkot. We also celebrated Shabbat with songs.

We sang the song “Patish Masmer.” We read a story about “Slicha” which means “I’m Sorry.” We also spoke about mitzvot and each kid had an opportunity to say what mitzvah means to them.

In Hebrew the kids learned to say I want to drink water (Ani rotzeh lishtot mayim) and I want to go to the bathroom (Ani rotzeh la’lechet la’sherutim).

Shabbat Shalom,

Anat and Tal

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