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Shinshinim and Small Moments


After the Rosh Hashana break we were ready to get back to writing our small moment stories, some of us starting new stories about a special moment over the holiday weekend. We practiced zooming in on our small moments like we zoom in on objects using a magnifying glass. We used longer descriptive words and began adding dialogue and feelings to every page. Some of us wrote full books already! At the end of class we shared our stories with someone from a different table and gave each other compliments.

At home, describe a small moment from the day during dinner and practice zooming in on it using descriptive words, dialogue, and feelings!

Shinshinim- Israel

Elal and Zohar came to our class for the second time this year. We continued to prepare for our journey on Shvil Yisrael, The Israel National Trail. They taught us that there are signs we will see along the trail. We brainstormed what we would need to bring with us on a hiking trip.


In Hebrew we have been practicing the names of colors. Children love practicing with this color game played by Marshall in the video. Play at home on your own by pointing to items with different colors!