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May 1, 2023

Saying Goodbye to Israel

We woke up at the crack of dawn fully packed and ready to leave our last hotel. After tefillah and breakfast we headed to kayak. This was one of our final exciting group activities. We split up into sections and got into the water. For about a half an hour we were laughing, working, competing, and getting splashed by freezing cold water. Most importantly, we did this together as one. Everyone raced to the finish line in the Jordan River. We rested and ate fresh pizza lunch out in the sun. Then we headed on a two and a half...
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Today we woke up bright and early in the morning at 6:20. We then went to Tefila on the kibbutz that we’re staying at, and after that went to eat breakfast alongside a Christian Dutch tourist group. Following that, some of us befriended cats while others got ready to ride some bikes. After napping on the bus, we arrived at Hula Valley for some bike riding and bird watching! The staff at Hula Valley promptly informed us that due to rain there would be no bike riding. We overcame our initial disappointment once we learned that we would instead be...
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Pre-Shabbat in the North

Today we woke up and took a drive to Rosh Hanikra. We saw the grottoes of the most northwestern spot of Israel. We also took a look at the border with Lebanon. After, we got to have time for pizur for an hour on the boardwalk in Tiberius. Most people bought falafel and ice cream. Then we drove to Aquakef, an obstacle course on the Kinneret. We had so much fun in aquakef and everyone was very sad to leave. We drove up into the Golan Heights where we saw the border with Syria and an amazing view and took...
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