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Today we woke up bright and early in the morning at 6:20. We then went to Tefila on the kibbutz that we’re staying at, and after that went to eat breakfast alongside a Christian Dutch tourist group. Following that, some of us befriended cats while others got ready to ride some bikes. After napping on the bus, we arrived at Hula Valley for some bike riding and bird watching! The staff at Hula Valley promptly informed us that due to rain there would be no bike riding. We overcame our initial disappointment once we learned that we would instead be riding in golf carts driven by our teachers! An epic race ensued, and not a lot of bird watching. Highlights of the race: the Granny Cart (it was very slow and we all ran to steal other teams’ carts in order to avoid it), leaving Jonah Bryfman behind on the path after he attempted sabotage, our teacher Joseph stealing all of the other teams’ keys during a break, and screaming at the top of our lungs at the teachers driving to GRASS IT!! We also all ran out of water from splashing the contents of our water bottles at each other during the race. We got new water. After that, we napped some more on the bus. Then, we went to Tzfat for lunch, were intimidated by Tzfat salespeople, and met an Israeli 8th grade school group, who wished us a “goodbye-bye!” Then we went to the natural pools at the Sachne and got our feet eaten by fish. (My feet are very smooth.) We stopped at a supermarket and splurged the last of our shekels on snacks, and then hopped onto the bus and went back to the kibbutz hotel. We had a closing activity as a group and reflected on the past two weeks of this trip, and then we dropped dead in bed. Lila tov!

-Noemi and Lorelei