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Saying Goodbye to Israel

We woke up at the crack of dawn fully packed and ready to leave our last hotel. After tefillah and breakfast we headed to kayak. This was one of our final exciting group activities. We split up into sections and got into the water. For about a half an hour we were laughing, working, competing, and getting splashed by freezing cold water. Most importantly, we did this together as one. Everyone raced to the finish line in the Jordan River. We rested and ate fresh pizza lunch out in the sun. Then we headed on a two and a half hour bus drive to the Anu museum in Tel Aviv. We learned about different types of Jews and ways to express Judaism. We heard about Jews in all different professions who all had different lives. The one thing that connected them all to each other was their Judaism. During the course of this trip our whole group has grown closer and closer and that was very present today. Everyone worked to have the best day to end this amazing journey. It ended on a sad note of having to say goodbye to Israel and the new friendships created.

-Uri and Leia