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December 9, 2022

First Grade News

Hello Families, In the Hebrew classroom this week, we learned the letters kaf and chaf as well as a new vowel, which makes the “Oo” sound. We added lots of words to our word wall like: kochav (star), kefafot (glaves), keter (crown), kelev (dog) and kova (hat). We wrote lots of sentences using the verbs ochel/ochelet (to eat) and ohev/ohevet (to love). We also spent time learning about Chanukah! We read the story of Chanukah – all in Hebrew and also learned how to say the symbols of the holiday in Hebrew. The first grader made beautiful dreidels which we used to decorate our classroom. Next week we...
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Kindergarten Blog 12/9

Dear Kindergarten Families, Kindergartners are hard at work preparing for our Learning Celebration next week– we hope to see many of yout to celebrate all that the Kindergartners have accomplished this year so far! This week in Hebrew, Kindergartners began learning words that have to do with Chanukah, like נר ner candle, לביבות levivot latkes, כד שמן kad shemen oil canister, וחנוכיה chanukiah. We also learned how to say a lot of the ingredients featured in לביבות levivot latkes, like תפוח אדמה tapooach adama potato, בצל batzal onion, ביצה beytzah egg, קמח kemach flour, and שמן shemen oil. There are...
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