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Kindergarten Blog 12/9

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Kindergartners are hard at work preparing for our Learning Celebration next week– we hope to see many of yout to celebrate all that the Kindergartners have accomplished this year so far!

This week in Hebrew, Kindergartners began learning words that have to do with Chanukah, like נר ner candle, לביבות levivot latkes, כד שמן kad shemen oil canister, וחנוכיה chanukiah. We also learned how to say a lot of the ingredients featured in לביבות levivot latkes, like תפוח אדמה tapooach adama potato, בצל batzal onion, ביצה beytzah egg, קמח kemach flour, and שמן shemen oil. There are so many fun and joyful Hebrew songs about Chanukah, and Kindergartners are learning a couple. 

In Judaic Studies, Chanukah continued to be one of our main topics. We read several different stories about the holiday, some focusing on the historical story and characters, and some focusing on how people celebrate the holiday today. We also continued learning about Genesis בראשית and spoke about the 5th day of creation where the moon, stars and sun were created. We also took a walk to the park to collect leaves and made beautiful art out of them.

For the last several weeks in Science, Kindergartners have dived deep into working with our 5 senses: learning about what tools our bodies have to learn information about the world, and strengthening our observation skills. This week, with our (imaginary) lab coats, lab goggles, and magnifying glasses tucked into our pockets, we ventured out to the side yard of our school to observe and record our surroundings using all five of our senses.

In Writing Kindergartners are working extremely hard preparing for our Learning Celebration next week. The children have been going through our publishing checklist, making sure that every page has a detailed picture and words before we move into careful coloring and making a book cover. We are also continuing to work on making sure our stories have a beginning, middle and end.

In Math we are focusing on the numbers 14-16.  For some reason Kindergartners often skip fifteen.  We think it would be much easier if the number was fiveteen! We have been carefully counting objects.  Sometimes if ten of the objects have been grouped together we can start at ten and count on the remaining objects.  We also started a measurement unit, using the vocabulary taller and shorter and measuring items with towers of unifix cubes, noting how many cubes tall different items are. 

We ended our week with Lower School Kabbalat Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom,

K Team