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December 13, 2019

First Grade News

This week in first grade was full of getting to know new things within our community. We explored our neighborhood, and learned new subtraction strategies. Happy Birthday to Maxwell and Julie!  We are looking forward to our Chanukah celebration next week with all of you. In Reading this week we continued our work in digraphs and learned some blends.  For example, the word dragon starts with the blend dr and the word slide starts with the blend sl. In our small reading groups this week we continued writing about reading as we ask and answer questions about the books we...
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Community Events, Phonics, and Sugar Crystals!

Community Events We had an exciting week with various special events. On Wednesday, we welcomed Ezra back to school from his new brother’s bris with a Hebrew card made by his classmates. Students were so excited to find out the new baby’s name and also had many compliments for Ezra’s special kippah that he was still wearing from the occasion! On Thursday, we attended our sixth grade buddies Heroes Convention. Students were very interested to see some of their buddies dressed up, and to learn more about the heroes that they had researched. Ask your child which hero their buddy...
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