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What’s Happening in 5th: 10/6/20


During our ELA classes, we have begun reading Home of the Brave as a mentor text for our first unit- analyzing themes. So far we have set reading goals for the year and talked extensively about the goal of writing about our reading. When we write about our reading, we are paying close attention to the characters, plot, setting, and repeating objects. We develop ideas about the book and then look for evidence to support our ideas. The goal is not just to speed through a book but rather to think deeply about it and gain insight as we read.

In Social Studies, we have discussed primary and secondary sources as a way to study history and the students analyzed primary sources left behind by early humans. We then moved into a short unit on map skills. Next Tuesday, October 13, the students will have a map quiz on the seven continents and five oceans. We discussed study strategies and skills and each student has a packet as well as a study guide in their Google Classroom to help them prepare for the quiz. We also practiced creating timelines and will soon move into a unit on the evolution of early humans (hominids).


The last few weeks we focused on learning about music in Hebrew class. Students combined their previous knowledge with the new vocabulary. We spoke about famous Israeli musician Arik Einstein and students wrote about their famous musicians. Also we learned larger numbers in Hebrew to be able to name years in Hebrew. Both in person and on zoom we used different ways to learn Hebrew such as quizlet, quizzes and games with white board. This is in preparation for our big topic “Biography” that we will learn during this school year.

Hebrew Heritage:

להורים שלום,
אני כל כך שמחה לראות וללמד את הילדכם.
בשבוע שעבר עבדנו על סיפור קצר עם מוסר השכל שנקרא ״מעשה בסכין מקושטת״ על פי סיפור של יהודי קווקז. השבוע הקדשנו את זמננו להערכות התלמידים בתחומי שונים, כגון האזנה, כתיבה והבנת הנקרא. על מנת לעזור לנו להעריך כיצד אנחנו יכולים לסייע לתלמידים.
חג שמח!


5th graders have been working on learning texts to bring more meaning and understanding to the holidays. We learned about the Teshuva, Tefillah and Tzedakah formula that helps us enter the new year in the best way possible.  We looked at Rabbinic texts and worked on translation and interpretation skills. Students have already really grown in their ability to express how these texts look in their own lives and even cite the sources when referring back to something in the Tanakh. We focused on the arbeh Minim  (4 species) for Sukkot and learned about the symbolism behind each of the four species. We studied the original commandment to gather them from the Torah and then thought about all that they can symbolize in our lives today. Students wrote beautiful prayers for their arbeh minim sets that they created. I recommend asking your child what they came up with. We created these paper sets and used them to shake the lulav and etrog with the blessing each day. It is sad to not pass around the real set, but they got very into having their own this year! We also used them during the Hallel service on remote days and shook them at the appropriate times. I look forward to beginning our Chumash unit next week and really getting started with our text skills for the year!
Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom,