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First Grade News

Hello Families,

We so enjoyed celebrating Sukkot with you and our buddies in the Sukkah this week!

In Hebrew, we learned the letters nun and nun sofit (final nun) and added new words to our word wall like nachash (snake), namer (tiger), naalayim (shoes), ner (candle), and nemala (ant). We continue to practice our reading and writing with all the letters that we have learned so far.

In Yahadut, we learned about the holiday of Simchat Torah, which is when we finish reading the Torah, and start from the beginning again. We looked at different kinds of Tora’s and practiced singing the song, “Torah, Torah, Torah, Torah” and then sang it with the whole school to celebrate the holiday.  It was a lot of fun!

First Graders celebrated learning all 7 new reading habits by reading with flashlights! We practiced taking a sneak peek and picture walks, checking our sneak peek, doing SOMETHING after reading a book (rereading, retelling, etc), planning with a book stack, rereading to smooth out our voice, scooping up words in phrases, and rereading to see more. We also discussed how we are going to practice these habits at home. We will take home our book bags Wednesday, October 19th!

In writing, first graders practiced stretching words to hear their sounds. We say it, slide it, hear it, and write it. We worked on spelling out our words, checking that we had all of the sounds, and then being ok with our words being different from our friends’ or not the way we see them in books. As we learn more phonics rules, our words will be spelled closer and closer to book spelling!

Check out our celebratory week in pictures:


Shabbat Shalom,

Ilana and Liz