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K Blog 10/14

Dear Kindergarten Families,

This week was completely filled with Sukkot events! We had our very first activity with our Fourth Grade buddies. The kindergarteners picked out books to read together with the buddies, and then both grades decorated cookies in the school Sukkah. Kindergarteners also had a special paper chain activity at Grace’s house, a short walk away from school. Kindergarteners were so excited to share with you all the song and brachah they practiced in school, and to make paper lanterns together. Kindergartners had lunch in the Sukkah this week as well. On Friday, we went to our whole-school Tekes for Simchat Torah. Though this was a short week, it was an event-filled week!

In Handwriting, Kindergarteners practiced all eight of the letters we learned how to write, and the students were very excited to learn that they learned all of their Frog Jump letters!  In Writer’s Workshop we worked on stretching out words, listening for beginning, middle, and ending sounds. Many children then began including these letters in their writing. In Reader’s Workshop we read the book The Carrot Seed, first predicting what would happen on each page based on the pictures and then retelling the story, again based on the pictures and some key words.  In Math we introduced a new strategy for counting accurately which is crossing out each item as you count it to be sure you have counted each item once and only once.  We practiced making 10’s and used a ten frame to show that ten is the same as two groups of five and that if you take one away from ten you will have nine.

We concluded our week with our weekly Kindergarten-First Grade sing and Kabbalat Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom,

K Team