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November 18, 2022

First Grade News

Hello Families, In Hebrew, we learned the letters pey, fey and fey sofit (final fey) and a new vowel that makes the “Eh” sound. We added more words to our word wall, like parpar (butterfly),pil (elephant), pitriya (mashroom), perach (flower), patish (hammer), and parah (cow). We also spoke about the life of Hannah Senesh and enjoyed singing a song she wrote called “Eli, Eli.” In Yahadut, we continued working on our siddurim and learned a new prayer from the amida called hael hakadosh, which we thank God for the holy thing (siddur, mezuzah, etc.) and times (Shabbat, chagim, etc.) in our life. We also spoke about the Sigd, an...
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Kindergarten Blog 11/18

Dear Kindergarten Families, This week, Kindergarteners were excited to bring in donations for our Thanksgiving food drive, and graph out all of their donations. One thing the K Team learned was that Kindergarten brought in more donations than all other grades combined, so thank you so much to you all for your generous donations! Kindergarteners were also very excited to have another Buddy activity this week. They shared their recently completed Information Books with their buddies, played Racing Dice together, and read books from our library. In Science this week, Kindergarteners learned all about Touch. We learned that we have...
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