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Kindergarten News

Hello Families,

This week we have been writing, writing, writing!  We started by labeling parts of the room so we know where to put and find things.  We practiced stretching out our words slowly to hear all the sounds to know which letters to write. Someone even labeled the teacher area (spelled “ter ar”). We also learned our first 3 snap words “I“, “like“, and “my“.  We learned these are specials words we see all the time that follow different sound rules (also known as high frequency or sight words). They also help kindergarteners become faster readers.  We practiced putting these 3 words together to make a sentence – “I like my ______”.  We will learn over 50 snap words this year!

In writing workshop we started using booklets to write a beginning, middle and end to our stories. Both groups have practiced telling their story across the pages. We learned that when something new happens we turn the page and when we reread our story we tell what is happening in the picture. Everyone now has a writing partner who will be very helpful in the writing process over the year!

Counting jar is our new favorite activity in math!  When we get our jar, we count the objects, recount, match the number using unifix cubes, write the number, draw the cubes, and find the number on the number line.  When we are accurate with all the steps at a certain number, we add more objects!

Kindergarten jokes heard over snack that they think are hilarious:

Knock knock

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange has eyeballs


Knock knock

Who’s there?


Rainbow who?

I jumped so high in the sky


What did the nose say to the eye?




This week in Hebrew class, the students learned about the season autumn. We took a trip to the park, where they collected leaves and traced these leaves on paper. After that, they enjoyed the snacks that they brought to the park. They learned the words:

Leaves עלים

Trees עצים 

Trunk גזע

Branches ענפים 

In addition, in Judaic Studies, the students learned about the creation of the world, starting with how God created the first day. They learned new words like אור, which means light, and חושך, which means darkness.

Shabbat Shalom,

Liz, Talia, Anat and Tal