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October 31, 2019


Students have finished their blueprints of the “Rube Goldberg Machines”. The science room is now filled with engineers applying their skills. Everyone is problem solving and allow ideas from their  partners to be expressed in a positive and professional manner. We cannot wait to see how these machines develop over the next few weeks.



The 7th grade is almost finished with their second unit; Real Numbers. After that, we’ll be moving onto Unit 3: Introduction to Algebra. This is one of the most important units in the curriculum, as it sets the foundation for Algebra. It introduces students to the use of letters, or variables, to represent unknown values, as well as several different Algebraic notations that they will utilize all the way through high school and college math courses. We will also talk about how to construct algebraic expressions before moving onto algebraic manipulation and equations.



K learned about the topic “School of Music in Israel.” The students read about school of music, saw an Israeli movie and discussed the influence of music on children’s lives. They used new words and expressions for describing  pictures and writing essays.
J learned the topic “My room and my house.” The students learned new words and expressions to describe their room. We discussed what we can say about people who live there and how people feel.
We  are continuing to work on units “For Hebrew” website and learning new words through online interactive activities and games.



In ELA, students continued to work on their Julius Caesar vocabulary unit, becoming familiar with words like gallant and disconsolate. We read Act 2 of Julius Caesar aloud and were able to hear one another’s interesting British accents! In social studies, students worked on analyzing the remainder of Chapter 11, as well as analyzing a John Green History Crash Course video. Using ideas from the video, students created their own comics of events from ancient Rome.