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November 1, 2019

8th Grade – 10/28-11/1

Hodesh tov from the 8th grade team! Hebrew Dear parents, This week the students finished their individual end of unit projects. The students practiced using the learned vocabulary in skits and oral presentations. In addition, we watched a movie about Hannah Senesh in Hebrew and we discussed the choices that Hannah Senesh made throughout her life. We also read some of her poems in Hebrew. I wish you a good weekend, Andreea Science In science we have started to explore the concept of molecules and chemical bonds. Students had an experiment that allowed them to break the bonds of water....
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Social and Emotional Learning

Social/Emotional, Reading, and Writing Integration Over the past few weeks we have been reading new books and learning about listening behavior and on topic behavior. We made a list of ways we can tell that someone is listening and someone is not listening, and we discussed what are the times that it is important to listen. Second graders shared that when a person is looking at you, facing you, and asking questions, it shows that that person is listening. Now when the teachers say “listening position” all students know to look at the speaker, listen, and ask questions or make...
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Our Week in 5th Grade! 11-1-19

Ah, a full week! It feels so great to get so much learning accomplished! Read on to find out what your fifth grader was up to this week… Advisory:  Over the past two weeks in advisory, the students have completed a series of activities that involve following directions closely and attentively. One activity asked the students to follow a series of verbal directions and another gave written directions. We asked the students which one they found easier to follow and discussed the different types of learning styles; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. The class was then given a “directions test.” Ask...
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First Grade Blog

Everyone in first grade was excited to have a full week of school! In Writing this week we continued working on our small moments writing by revising and making sure we are using a picture to add details.  We focused on: “When you are done you have just begun”.  We also have been learning about our school’s namesake, Hannah Senesh.  We learned that she was from Hungary and looked on a map of Europe to find the city she lived, Budapest.  We saw photographs of Hannah as a young girl and with her family.  We focused on the fact that...
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Kindergarten News

Hello Families, This week we have been writing, writing, writing!  We started by labeling parts of the room so we know where to put and find things.  We practiced stretching out our words slowly to hear all the sounds to know which letters to write. Someone even labeled the teacher area (spelled “ter ar”). We also learned our first 3 snap words “I“, “like“, and “my“.  We learned these are specials words we see all the time that follow different sound rules (also known as high frequency or sight words). They also help kindergarteners become faster readers.  We practiced putting...
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