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Kindergarten Blog 2/10

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Today was the 92nd day of school. Kindergartners have been excitedly counting down the days to the 100th day of school, which is only eight school days away!

In Hebrew we are currently reading the book Chanan HaGanan חנן הגנן (Chanan the Gardener), which outlines the different types of fruit and groups them together by color. For example, oranges, apricots, and mangos are all sorted together by their orange color. When reading the book, the students learned the verb “ohev/ohevet,” which means like. The students can now say “ani ohev tapoozim,”- אני אוהב\אוהבת תפוזים which means “I like oranges.” They also learned how to say what fruit they see throughout reading the book by saying “ani roeh/ani roah”-אני רואה. The students are really enjoying the book and always get excited when it’s time to read a few more pages! 

The students are now learning the words: 

גלעין pit galeen 

מטמון treasure matmon

צדיק tzadik righteous one

מבול flood mahbool

In Judaic studies, we finished the Sixth day of Creation and now we are moving on to the story of Noah’s Ark. We spoke about the kind of person Noah was, a person who was righteous, which means someone who does the right thing.

We also had a wonderful time at the Tu B’Shvat fair on Monday! Kindergartners explored the various activity booths at the fair with our 4th grade buddies. The 6th graders thought up all the amazing ecologically minded activities, and created all the displays. It was so impressive for the Kindergarteners to see the 6th graders running the fair themselves.

In Writers’ Workshop, Kindergartners have written “I Can” books about all the things they are good at and enjoy. They made sure each page began with “I can…” and some added in additional sentences starting with “I like to…” seeing as there are so many snap words they can add into their books!

In Handwriting, kindergartners have been working on their lowercase letters. They have worked on c, o, s, v, w, and t.

In Science, Kindergartners studied pepper seeds and made a list of everything we know about seeds. One student asked “are plants seeds?” which sparked quite the discussion! Seeds come from plants, and grow into them, but they don’t have roots or leaves, so we will continue to learn more about plants to answer our questions. We began the germination process for the pepper seeds, and we will observe what happens through the week.

In Social Studies we continued our study of families. We read a story about a family formed through adoption, Waiting for May. We started to learn a new song, Love Makes a Family 

(Love Makes a Family). 

Love makes a family

So many ways that we can be

I want the whole world to see

That love makes a family.

There are verses about many different kinds of families and we learned some sign language to go with the chorus. Children also continued working on their pictures of their families. 

In Math we started a Geometry unit. We looked at circles, triangles,squares, rectangles, hexagons, rhombuses, and hexagons and talked about their various attributes.  We played a Guess My Shape game and a game called Build a Hexagon, showing the many different ways you can build a hexagon using triangles, trapezoids, and rhombuses. 

In Reading some continued to practice initial and ending sounds and others continued working with short a words.  Everyone practiced the Snap Words in, on, and said and had time to read in their book baggies after going book shopping and choosing new books. 

We ended the week with a K/1 sing where first graders helped to teach the Kindergartners verses to Love Makes a Family. We had Kabbalat Shabbat in the gym with the whole Lower School where our very own Sari and Liam did the HaMotzi.

Shabbat Shalom,

The K Team