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June 8, 2019 — Best Days of Our Lives

Hebrew with Ilana Swisa

This week the third grade were busy writing there last Hebrew paragraph about their favorite game and their favorite player. Next week it will be display on the third grade play.
Shabbat Shalom

Judaic Studies with Aliza

This week in Judaics, third graders have been working hard on their Edot project. They are making posters telling the story of an Oleh (immigrant to Israel) from one of many Jewish communities around the world. Students have been looking up these communities, their synagogues, foods, and culture, and coming up with a history for their Olim. We also learned about the upcoming holiday of Shavuot, its traditions and Jewish laws. 

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach!

General Studies with Hilary

Dear Families,

Wow! What an amazing year we had that zoomed from September to June FAR too quickly! I want to say thank you to all of our families for your wonderful support, moments of laughter, and selfless volunteering — the year would not have been as successful without each and every one of you!

Over the past several weeks, our third graders have been working SO hard on their biography writing. Next Wednesday, they will finally get to share their writing and show off everything they learned with our seventh grade buddies! Students will sit around the desk and be interviewed by the Seventh grade buddies, who will come prepared with all kinds of questions for third graders. They will want to know facts the third graders had learned about their biography subjects, but also about the writing strategies third graders used for their essays. The seventh graders will travel from table to table to learn as much as they can!

In Social Studies, we’ve been learning about what life in America was like for newly arrived immigrants. We learned all about tenement buildings, who lived in them, the size of the apartments, the shared bathrooms, the clotheslines people put up, and more. We even used our classroom and nearby rooms to map out a tenement floor plan and see just how little space there was for families to share.

We also learned about the jobs that new Americans (especially kids!) might have. We read a book about a girl who sewed lace and made dresses, as well as one about a boy who became a lamplighter. We took a look at some jobs that other poor Americans (but usually NOT immigrants!) might have had at the time, and workers’ rights. As well, we discussed how and where children played during this time. Next Thursday, we will watch most of the 1992 Disney film, Newsies, to see a visual representation of life at that time. A request: please avoid watching this movie at home if your child has not already seen it– we will watch more in school!

Finally, our third graders have also been hard at work practicing for OUR PLAY, which is on June 12th at 9am. We have dedicated much time to working on lines, scenes, singing, and dancing. The class cannot wait for families and friends to see our performance!

Topics to talk about with your student:

  • What jobs did immigrants typically have when they moved to America?
  • How big were the rooms in tenement buildings?

Dates to remember:

  • Wednesday, June 12 —> Third Grade’s NYC Play @ 9am
  • Friday, June 14 —> last day of school

Shabbat Shalom,


PS — we won the Penny Drive! Here is a picture of the kids finding out