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June 7, 2019


So incredibly proud of all my creative, smart, thoughtful, hard-working students!!!

7th Grade Renaissance Slideshow

We will finish the year strong with one final essay. I am so lucky to work with these students.



The school year is almost over and the 7th graders can look forward to a fun summer before returning to Senesh as seniors! How exciting! They’ve already been getting a glimpse of what’s to come next year in math by working on 8th grade Algebra I material. We learned about Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences, as well as Slopes of Linear Equations, Slope-Intercept Form, and Word Problems Involving Slope/Slope-Intercept Form. We’ll be expanding on that knowledge until the school year is done. Hopefully you won’t forget it this summer! Don’t worry if you do; we’ll jump right back into it come September. Enjoy your summer, 7th grade!



Students during their final weeks of science have been working on the final project. Students were giving a solar panel and small motor in order to create a solar car. They explored how energy is made with a solar panel on the roof. Then they designed cars in order to harness this power. Students continue to work collaboratively with each other  in order to resolve problems. We cannot wait to race these cars next week during our final science class. Everyone in science this year has grown as a person, student and scientists. We cannot wait to continue the hands on exportation of science next year.
Hebrew Heritage
להורים שלום,
השבוע התלמידים סיימו כתיבת מבחני אבנט וכמו כן סיימו את הפרוייקט האחרון שלהם “חוויות” שבו סיכמו את השנה באמצעות שלושה אירועים מרכזיים שחוו במהלך השנה. כמו כן, התלמידים נהנו להכין עם השינשינים מילקי.
היה תענוג ללמד את ילדיכם המקסימים ומקוווה שנמשיך לעבוד יחדיו בשנה הבאה.
שתהיה לכם חופשה נפלאה,
Judaic Studies
7th grade is finishing the year strong! Students created “brochures” advertising the land of Israel from the perspective of the fearful scouts in Bmidbar/Numbers chapter 13. We had amazing discussions about what was the source of their terror: the fear of failure? the fear of being responsible for your own choices and life? the fear of the unknown? We also discussed the scouts’ report that “we looked like grasshoppers to ourselves and so we must have looked to other.” What happens when we compare ourselves to other people? How would our lives be different if we could compare ourselves less, and focus more on building an internal sense of who we are?
Shabbat shalom and chag sameach!