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First Grade News

Hello Families,

In Hebrew, we learned the letter ayin and we now know all of the letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet! Our first graders are Hebrew experts! This is a very exciting accomplishment, and we look forward to celebrating as a class community next week. We read and wrote lots of words this week. The first graders started making their own Hebrew words dictionary using our word wall, word cards and dictionaries.

InTefila, we learned a new prayer from the Amida called melech ohev tzedakah umishpat. We spoke about the rules we have in our classroom and in America and how they help us stay safe and be better people. We have learned so many of the prayers from the amidah and we are looking forward to learning the rest!

In Parasha, we learned about Parashat Vaera, which is when Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh to ask him to free the Israelites, which results in God sending plagues to the Egyptians. We spoke about why we think that God chose Moses and how Moses felt when God told him to go to Pharaoh. We also discussed that at times we feel that we can’t do something, but we should try.

In math, we continued to study attributes of solid shapes by figuring out what shapes we can roll, stack, and slide and how that effects how we build. We also used flat and solid shapes to create designs, new shapes, and pictures while keeping track of how many of each shapes we use. A challenge first graders enjoyed, is filling out outlines of a new shape using a limited shape choice.

Our Meteorologists took a trip to DUMBO where they further learned about the water cycle through the book the “Little Raindrop” by Joanna Gray and attaching words and pictures to a felt board. We had a perfect partly cloudy day to track the weather using professional instruments and even got to go on a scavenger hut!

Our word detectives have started solving the Case of the silent E in phonics, reading, and writing!  We have used vowel clues and sounds to solve riddles and investigations sent to us by the Super Secret Detective Agency.

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Shabbat Shalom

Ilana and Liz