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January 20, 2023

Kindergarten Blog 1/20/23

Dear Kindergarten Families, This week, Kindergartners have been learning all about Hamsas, a special ancient symbol, and have even crafted their own! They have also baked cookies to enjoy during their Publishing Party in General Studies. In Math we continued our measurement study by exploring weight.  Students first compared the weight of different items using terms such as heavier than, lighter than, and the same weight.  They then weighed different objects using pin balances and Unifix cubes. They first made a prediction as to how many Unifix cubes it would take to balance different objects and then checked. We continued...
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First Grade News

Hello Families, In Hebrew, we learned the letter ayin and we now know all of the letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet! Our first graders are Hebrew experts! This is a very exciting accomplishment, and we look forward to celebrating as a class community next week. We read and wrote lots of words this week. The first graders started making their own Hebrew words dictionary using our word wall, word cards and dictionaries. InTefila, we learned a new prayer from the Amida called melech ohev tzedakah umishpat. We spoke about the rules we have in our classroom and in America and...
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