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Our Week in Fifth Grade- 12-20-19


The theme of advisory the last few weeks has been “kindness.” Each group worked together to define kindness.

According to 5A, kindness is “being authentically nice, inclusive, and understanding while considering other’s feelings.”

According to 5B, kindness is “the quality of being respectful, considerate, inclusive and helpful.

  1. Respecting others no matter their differences.
  2. Being nice, even if you aren’t friends.
  3. Being influenced by good
  4. Sympathizing, giving back
  5. Being nice to new people

Then, the classes practiced giving and receiving compliments. Finally, the groups were put into teams and had to work together to crack the code on an Empathy Escape Room. Not only did they earn points for correctly solving the puzzles but also for their kindness, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.



Kol Hakavod to all of the fifth graders on their fantastic work this semester. They have written poetry, personal narratives, and research essays. They have worked hard on reading responses and reading deeply into a text. They have had incredible conversations about Wonder and issues that are especially pertinent to them as fifth graders. They have learned about current events. They took responsibility for their work, learned time-management skills, and took a “real” test for the first time! Their growth since the first day of school is so impressive! We can’t wait to see where they go from here!

Have a wonderful break!



The 5th grade has been having a great time making their measurements come to life by building a 3D dog house they created. [All while using fractions for the lengths]. We are hoping to finish this project up by the end of the week, but if  not, we will continue after the break. After the break, we will move into dividing fractions. Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing holiday break!


It has been a very exciting time in Judaics these past two weeks! Students acted in a few days of simulations about the First Aliyah in 1881 from Russia. They stayed in character as they experienced what happened to the Jewish in Russia and how they became motivated to make aliyah. They stayed as families and a community and made sure they looked out for each other when trouble arose. They also learned about what it was like when they made aliyah and who was already in the Land of Israel. Students did a wonderful job using key vocab words during the game and their diary entries. I can’t wait for the next one!
Please look in your email for a special Hanukkah Family Source sheet. Like my other holiday source sheets, this is an invitation to learn about the holiday with your child and have them share their expertise on the text we learned in class.
Wishing you all a light and love filled Hanukkah,



Hebrew Heritage

להורים שלום
השבוע התחלנו לעבוד על פרויקט חדש במסגרת היחידה ״ילדים עם מוגבלויות״. לאחר עבודת מחקר, כל תלמיד בחר להתמקד בארגון/עמותה/ בית ספר המסייע לילדים עם מוגבלויות. מרבית התלמידים כתבו את הפיסקה הראשונה, אך אל דאגה כשנחזור מהחופשה נמשיך בעבודה למי שטרם סיים.
אני מאחלת לכם חופשה נעימה וחג אורים שמח
During the past two weeks and as part of the “Biographies ” unit we have been focusing on learning two famous Jewish politicians: Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin. The students learned about their life and we spoke about their contribution to the development of Israel. The student learned new words and expressions. Additionally, the past tense was introduced in a systematic way as students practiced writing about past events.
The students  used Quizlet in class and at home to help with the learning of new vocabulary