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Nicole Nash Reflects on DEIB: Building a School Culture of Belonging for PRIZMAH

DEIB: Building a School Culture of Belonging
PRIZMAH Blog Post Written by Senesh Head of School Nicole Nash

Hannah Senesh Community Day School in Brooklyn has been engaged in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) work since we were founded nearly three decades ago. Over the past five years, our work has accelerated as we have put a stake in the ground by forming a diversity committee, formally articulating a diversity statement, and incorporating DEIB as a priority in our strategic roadmap. A core value of our school is “Belonging/Shayachut: We create a culture that honors the dignity and self-worth of each person.”

We were fortunate to receive a grant to create a parent survey, in collaboration with the Nachshon Project Graduate Student Fellowship and in conjunction with Prizmah, focused on identity and belonging in our community. A team of graduate student fellows being trained as emerging leaders in the Jewish world partnered with Senesh leadership, faculty and parents to create, disseminate and analyze a survey to better understand the demographic diversity of our families and the experience of being in the Senesh community through the lens of identity.

We hoped the survey would answer the following question: What demographics of Jewish day school families are being served, and how can we better reach, serve, incorporate and invest in marginalized and underrepresented groups?

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