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Senesh JOCI Fellows Reflect on Their Experience

We Have a Future in This Sector: Q&A with Leadership Fellows
Interview Featuring Senesh JOCI Fellows in the Jews of Color Initiative Newsletter, Galim

We Have a Future in This Sector: Q&A with Leadership Fellows

Almost 7 months into our New York Hub’s Leadership Fellowship, our Fellows are reflecting on their experiences and learning with new perspective. They have completed their first placements—temporary positions at Jewish nonprofits in New York City—and have already begun their second placements at different Jewish nonprofit organizations. Amidst their busy calendars, we asked the Fellows to pause and think back to their accomplishments, learning, and new visions for the future that they have cultivated throughout the Fellowship.

What projects did you work on while at your placement that you feel proud of, and what was your role?

TOVA HARRIS: I’ve always been fascinated by the power of imagery. My first placement was at Hannah Senesh Jewish Day School. It’s always concerned me that Hebrew school text and imagery used online and in Jewish spaces haven’t been updated since the 60s or 70s. I thought it was a great opportunity for me to bring on a friend who is a photographer to take pictures of families at Hannah Senesh and create a kind of “Humans of New York” experience. We gave the opportunity to all families, not just families who are Jews of Color, so that the families could then opt in to having pictures taken and used for Hannah Senesh brochures. This project highlights how many types of families exist in Jewish spaces. It turned out really nicely, and hopefully Hannah Senesh will have a photo gallery in the next year to showcase these photos.

MARYAM CHISHTI: I was also at Hannah Senesh, where I did a mix of projects, such as helping to brainstorm around interfatith engagement. I talked to different partner schools to brainstorm different ways to get their students and our students together. I also helped facilitate a lot of different community service projects; each grade had their own community service themes, so I brainstormed with them what would be feasible within project guidelines. I was also in the classroom helping out where need be. I was learning Hebrew with the first graders every day and just getting to be part of the school.

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