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Kindergarten Newsletter

Hello Families,

Both kindergarten groups have started to become cohesive units as we ease back into kindergarten routines and begin new relationships while strengthening old ones.  Everyone was really excited to have a new combination of new kids in their group. We worked on the challenge of approaching different students to play and work.

In reading we have launched our Super Readers unit where we discover our super powers in reading!  So far we have discovered our pointer power (1 to 1 correspondence), picture power (looking at details in the picture before reading words), sound power (using the first letter of a sound to figure out an unknown word). Everyone has been so excited to recognize snap words they have learned in new books! We have added 3 new snap words to our list – “this”, “is”, and “here” and have been using them to write in our show and tell books.  An example is “Here is my hotel” and “This is the book”.  Students are getting more comfortable using the snap words they know to create sentences.

In science we have begun our forces and motion unit. We have explored positional words (which correlates with our current size and position math unit) through games and read alouds in the classroom.  At home, continue to ask your child to describe where they are (or another object) in relation to other objects using prepositions and relational language such as under, over, in between, near, far, around etc.

Shabbat Shalom,

The K team