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January 16, 2020

Kindergarten Newsletter

Hello Families, Both kindergarten groups have started to become cohesive units as we ease back into kindergarten routines and begin new relationships while strengthening old ones.  Everyone was really excited to have a new combination of new kids in their group. We worked on the challenge of approaching different students to play and work. In reading we have launched our Super Readers unit where we discover our super powers in reading!  So far we have discovered our pointer power (1 to 1 correspondence), picture power (looking at details in the picture before reading words), sound power (using the first letter...
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MLK Tekes

Writing, Reading, and Social Studies We started the week with a little experiment: If we crack a brown egg and a white egg, will they look different on the inside? Many students predicted that the yolks might be a different color, or that one egg would be have more liquid. When we cracked the eggs and compared them, the “ooh!” and “ahh!” that erupted around the room made this an exciting moment. We realized the eggs looked so similar- both had a yellowish yolk, and both looked like raw eggs. Students quickly made the connection that although the eggs had...
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