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June 9, 2023


In 7th grade science, students have taken their knowledge on environment and ecology to present a mock city board meeting. In this scenario, a wastewater treatment plant is due to open in Brooklyn and must pass legislation. Each group represents different interests such as aquatic ecologists, politicians, residents and activists. Students are responsible for researching, planning and presenting a strong argument. This presentation will connect politics, debate skills and environmental science.




As we finish our year in Humanities, 7th graders have just finished our study of The Diary of Anne Frank in which they grappled with ideas about human relationships and behavior amidst trying and mundane circumstances. At the same time, students have been working diligently on their end of year project. In pairs, 7th graders are contemplating a significant decision related to one of the topics we studied this year. They are analyzing the circumstances of the decision, how the decision was made, why the decision was made, and what lessons we should take from the decision. There is an air of excitement for Monday’s showcase–see you there!




We are finishing the year strong, looking at texts that focus on speech and the power of words. We studied Chapter 12 of the book of Numbers, in which Miriam and Aharon seem to be talking about their brother Moshe, and looked at commentary from medieval commentators like Rashi, Ibn Ezra, and Rashbam to gain insight into this story of clashing siblings. 7th graders had their first encounter with the Talmud, learning about a debate between Hillel and Shammai over whether to lie or tell the truth when confronted with an ugly bride. Ask your 7th grader to share their thoughts!




7X is finishing out the year reviewing material from this semester on rational numbers, evaluating expressions and equations, and geometry. Our final assessment, which the students performed very well on, was Thursday. We will spend our final few days of school creating geometry-based stories in what will hopefully be a fun way to end an exciting year teaching 7X. I will send them home with some review work for the summer to keep up their skills. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything. It has been a great year teaching your 7th graders; I’m glad I had the opportunity to see them grow as math students every day this year!


As we approach the end of this school year, we wanted to take a moment to commend each and every student  for their outstanding effort and growth. Throughout the year, students have demonstrated a remarkable ability to tackle challenging concepts and apply them to real-world scenarios. Their dedication to learning and their perseverance have been truly inspiring.

The past couple of months, we delved into a wide range of mathematical topics, from real-world scenarios on the coordinate plane to geometry, and surface area/volume. Students  have shown great skill in translating real-world situations into mathematical language and using the coordinate plane to analyze data and make informed decisions. In geometry, they have delved into the intricacies of shapes and their properties. They have mastered concepts such as angles, lines, and polygons, and  have applied their knowledge to solve problems involving perimeter and area. 

Their capacity to connect math to the world around them is a testament to their critical thinking skills and their ability to solve problems in practical situations. Congratulations on a successful year, and we wish each and every student continued success in their mathematical journey.



Hebrew Heritage

להורים שלום,

להורים שלום,

לא ייאמן שסוף השנה הגיע.

השנה הייתה מלאה בעשייה ובפעילויות, למדנו כללים בדקדוק, כמו הטיית פעלים בזמן עתיד. למדנו סיפורים עם מוסר השכל. התלמידים עסקו ביחידות שונות ומגוונות, כגון ״יהודים משפיעים בעולם״, ״התפתחותה של האופנה הישראלית״, ״מה זה להיות מנהיג? על מנהיגים יהודים שונים והשפעתם על ההיסטוריה״, ״חברות״, ״קבלת החלטות״ ועוד. התלמידים עבדו יפה לאורך כל השנה, קראו טקסטים אותנטיים וכתבו עבודות מרתקות.   

תודה רבה על כל התמיכה והפרגון במשך השנה.

מאחלת לכם חופשה מהנה ונעימה.




In Hebrew, the end of the year is always a special period where we recap the material we studied this year and the students demonstrate what they learned through presentations and conversations about their experience in Hebrew class. It has been a joy witnessing the progress your child has made over the course of this year and when they stand, present, and speak their presentations, you can see a unique flavor to each student’s experience. The students were all very creative and they showed their growth in the language in their own unique way. Whether it was through sport, place of interest in Israel, or a mere topic that we learned from our curriculum, they were all fascinating. I wish you all a great and joyful vacation.