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May 30, 2023- a belated Chag Shavuot Sameach!!

Hebrew with Rimma

In our Hebrew class 4th graders are finishing our Unit “Objects and the stories behind them” with the digital journey by using Padlet, an interactive platform where students could share their stories and react to one another’ s experience. Students were given the opportunity to select an object that holds a special place in their heart or which is important to their family. Some students are still in the process of writing. When they will finish writing, each of them will present it to the class.I encourage you to take the time and explore the stories that they shared.


As we approach the end of the school year, our fourth grade is also buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Through singing and rehearsing songs in Hebrew, we also learned about the European song competition Eurovision. Israel has a rich history in this competition, captivating audiences with our unique performances and great songs.This year Israel came to the third place.

חג שבועות שמח!!!


In Chumash class students have been busy working on a culminating project to our study of Parashat Toldot. Each student was assigned a group and topic from a section of text that we studied this year. Students are working together to present various aspects of the block of text such as vocabulary, main idea, character perspective, and kushiyot (deep questions). Next week they will be directors and actors in their own Tableau of the scene, which will be photographed and incorporated into their posters. Posters will be displayed at the end of year event next week and we are so excited to share our learning with you!

Math with Luis

After the ERBs, we got right back to practicing area and perimeter. We have really been focusing on extensions of simple rectangle area and perimeter – this means decomposing shapes into rectangles, and finding the area of “rectangular donuts” – the area of a room that isn’t covered by a carpet, for example. It’s a useful way for us to practice our mental math and multiplication tables, too. Have a great long weekend!

Humanities with Hilary

In writing, we are in the midst of revising our realistic historical fiction stories. Today, we had an opportunity to read the writing from the other half group. Here are some noticings the class had about the growth of writing, in as close to their words as possible:

  • People are using MUCH more descriptions in their story
  • People are using dialogue
    • But not too much dialogue. It’s important to have a mixture of the two because ONLY having dialogue would be strange and awkward, but not having dialogue takes away from the story
  • People are writing more about the setting of the story
  • People are writing about a character’s internal traits and feelings
  • People are describing the external traits more
  • SO. MUCH. MORE. DETAIL. !!!. Waaaayyyy better than anything ever written

We can’t wait to share these pieces with you during next Thursday’s celebration of America and Israel, from 9:00-10:00 (June 1)!