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First Grade News

First grade mathematicians reviewed number bonds this week. Number bonds help us think of different ways to break apart and put together numbers. First graders explored giant number bonds using hula hoops on the rug. They also made their own number bonds that are on display outside our classroom.


When we look at all the writing first graders have done so far, it’s hard to believe this is only the fourth week of school! This week we celebrated all of the writing we have done by having a museum walk. Each first grader picked his or her favorite story to share with the class. They left their story at their table spot and walked around reading each other’s stories. First graders left their friends compliments on post-it notes.


In reading we practiced a new reading strategy: “look at the picture.” Sometimes, if you don’t know what a word is, you can use the pictures in the book to try and figure it out. We also introduced the reading app “Raz Kids” this week. First graders were so excited to read using this familiar app.


Last week, we read “Madelenka,” a book about a girl who walks around her block. This week, we walked around our own school block and noticed all of the people and places that make up our neighborhood.


First grade scientists observed the weather using their senses. They were able to see the wind blowing leaves on trees and the sun shining in the sky. First graders also felt the heat from the sun and the wind blowing. We also reviewed what we need to wear for different weather, hats when it’s sunny, umbrellas in the rain, and gloves when it snows!


In Hebrew, we learned the letters reish, bet and vet and what sound they makes when we add the vowels, kamatz and patach. Then we practiced reading with all the letters that we have learned so far.


In Yahadut, we learned about Yom Kippur and that it is a day where we reflect on the year and we say that we are sorry. We learned about Tashlich and we reflected on the things we wish to keep from last year, as well as what we would like to throw away. We made our own Tashlich ceremony which the first graders draw outside with chalks the things that they want to throw away and then wash them away with water. We also learned about the V’ahavta prayer. We worked on learning the words of the prayer and what they mean, and that the prayer can be found inside of the mezuzah and inside of tefilin.  We had the opportunity to see the inside of a mezuzah. Some of the 8th graders came to our classroom to show us what tefilin look like. These were both very exciting!

Just a reminder, next week is a short week. On Wednesday dismissal will be at 1:30.

Have a great weekend!

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