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First Grade News

Our first month of school is off to a busy start! First graders have been working on reading, writing, math and more!


In Reading, first graders chose their “home” spot in our classroom. Each first grader has his or her own cozy spot in our classroom where he or she can curl up with a book during independent reading times. We also talked about how “just right” books are different for everyone and as we learn more about reading, the books that are “just right” for us will change. We also introduced the reading app “Raz Kids” this week. First graders were so excited to read using this app.


First grade writers are working on their small moment stories in writing.  This week we talked about making sketches before we write to help plan, using question words to revise and add detail to our writing, and zooming in on a small moment.


In phonics we began learning how to study words by looking at the syllables, vowels, consonants, letter sounds, blends, and digraphs. We started our study of words by studying some of the most important words: our names.


In Science, first graders answered the questions, “What do scientists do?” They thought about how scientists can discover new things using their five senses and special tools. We also introduced our first unit, weather!


In Math, we’ve reviewed numbers 0 – 10 and how to compare them using vocabulary such as more, greater, fewer, and less.


In Hebrew we learned the letter mem sofit and we were able to learn a lot of new words which we added to our word wall. Then we practiced reading with all the letters that we have learned so far.

In Yahadut, we learned about the holiday of Sukkot. We spoke about the four species and how they similar in shape to parts of the human body (lulav – the spine, etrog – the heart, hadas – the eye and arava – the mouth) and we all took turns shaking the lulav. We also learned about the holiday of Simchat Torah, which is when we finish reading the Torah and we start from the beginning again. We practiced singing the song, “Torah, Torah, Torah, Torah” and sang it with the whole school to celebrate the holiday.  It was a lot of fun!

In Tefilah, We have learned the prayer mah tovu. We discussed what has to happen in our classroom/ home so it will be a good place. We also worked on the shema and the meaning of the prayer and we added two more pages to our siddurim. Our siddurim are looking beautiful and we cannot wait to continue to fill up our pages with prayers.


Shabbat Shalom!

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