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Final ’22 Kindergarten Blog

Dear Kindergarten Families,

The Kindergartners worked so hard all last week preparing for our Learning Celebrations, and they were so excited to share all they’ve accomplished this year with you all on Friday! Kindergartners practiced songs in Hebrew and English, published their storybooks, picked out math games, and so much more.

 We said goodbye to Jordan who is moving back to Israel.  When we return in January we will welcome Asher Kosslyn to the Penguins.  Kindergartners enjoyed joining the whole school at two Hanukkah Candle Lighting Ceremonies and joining the 8th Grade for an Art Project and Sufganiyot.

In Science, Kindergartners concluded our unit on the 5 Senses by using all of our senses to determine what two cooking materials were: salt and sugar.

As an end of the year mitzvah Kindergartners made Chili and cornbread and took it over to the Community Fridge to be shared with those who need it. 

In Music class, Kindergarteners have continued to learn about the difference between steady beat and rhythm and how to read and write rhythms. They now know how to read quarter notes (tas), eighth notes (titis), sixteenth notes (tiritiris) and quarter note rests. They have also gained a better understanding about four beat measures and repeat signs. They have learned the song Banu Choshech in Hebrew and English, and they have played a steady beat to that song on our baby conga.

In Hebrew, Kindergartners learned the precise words for the kinds of kitchen utensils used for preparing the traditional foods of Hanukkah. They read a book called:    

גברת קרש ומר מערוך 

Giveret Keresh ve Mar Aroch –  Mrs Cutting Board and Mr Rolling Pin – 

that brings these utensils to life in a funny way.

Kindergartners learned to use the words:

קרש חיתוך keresh cheetooch cutting board 

מערוך ma’aroch rolling pin

תרוד tarvad spatula

פומפיה pompeyah grater

מחבת machbat frying pan

In Judaic Studies, Kindergartners spent time playing with םביבונים svivonim dreidels. They even got to play with their 4th grade buddies and had a great time! They sang many songs about Hanukkah, and made decorations for the holiday. Kindergartners learned to recite the candle lighting blessings, and learned about how we light Hanukkah candles – adding one each night, what direction to light the candles, and the significance of the שמש shamash helper-candle. 

A couple of end of the year reminders!  All children should have a change of clothing suitable for the season.  Many children have summer clothing now.  Kindergartners  need new clothing if they have an accident or spill their water or all sorts of other things. Also, please be sure to let us know of any bus or pick up changes by noon.  It is difficult when messages come close to 3:00.

Wishing you a Happy Hanukkah and Very Happy New Year,

K Team