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Day 8: Onwards to Tel Aviv!

Today we woke up in Jerusalem at 6:45 and ate breakfast. We got on the bus and went to pray at Har Hadar, a mountain at the edge of Jerusalem with a monument on it.  Then we went to hear Jessica (not our teacher) speak about her experiences about being Muslim and how it compares to other religions. After that, we went to shuk hacarmel where we were given 50 shekel to get lunch and other things. After the shuk, we made our way to a playground across the shuk to bond and meet up. After being at the playground for 30 mins or so, we hopped on the bus to check into our hotels in Tel Aviv.  The hotel was very nice, and after we got settled into it, Oz and Noga (the Ramah counselors) gave us a talk about what Yom HaZikaron was going to be like. After the talk, we hopped on the bus once again and drove to a schoolyard, to watch dances and beautiful singing take place about this holiday.


Cole and Roy