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Week of November 11

General Studies with Dawn

It was great to have the chance to meet with so many of you to share with each other how fourth grade is going so far. I look forward to more conversations in the future.

We are busy this week with two major projects, publishing the Realistic Fiction Stories and creating posters and games about the explorers.

Students are beginning the revision process of their stories.  One step of the process was reading the story to a classmate and seeing if the classmate could identify the problem in the story and how it got solved. In addition, the classmate listened for strong beginnings and endings as well as showing, not telling. Several students have now started typing their stories.





For the Social Studies project some students are creating posters with important information about explorers and some are creating games that test the players’ knowledge of the explorers studied in class. Some games are based on Jeopardy, Concentration, or Bingo. The challenge is to be sure that the posters and games both include important information about the explorers and are fun!

We look forward to sharing the work at our Publishing Party on Thursday November 21 at 9:00.

Hebrew with Rimma

We started a new unit “Objects and the stories behind them”

We discussed how different objects can be good instrument to expand our narratives and to learn about people, places, and events.

Everyone has objects that are dear to them: objects which have been handed down for generations, have survived a long journey and kept lovingly.

The first story we read is about this type of objects; about the Cup of Eliyahu-Ha-Navi. Behind this object in the story we discovered the value of righteousness and the importance of sharing.

We will continue to learn about other objects and read the stories that they will bring.

Most stories about old objects are written in the past tense. Luckily, we started our fantastic adventure exploring Hebrew Past Tense and will  continue to apply it in our own stories.

Hebrew with Tomer
The 4th grade Hebrew heritage students started a new unit on the topic of Seasons. This topic encourages students to review basic related vocabulary but also to discuss different climate phenomenons. Students will research these phenomenons and write and present it in class. 
This will help students in the ability to narrate as well as compare and contrast.
Judaic Studies with Ariana 
We are so proud of the 4th grade students for their moving performances during the Hannah Senesh Tekes.
The 4th grade students read excerpts of Hannah’s diary and reflected on Hannah’s characteristics and qualities.
In addition, the 4th grade students described in writing how Hannah’s story inspired them.
We are excited to share that we have started learning Chumash.
We are learning “Toldot” (Genesis 25:11).
This story describes how Rivkah who longed to have children got pregnant with twins.
God explained to her that she had two nations in her womb and that they will be separated.
The prophecy also described that one child will serve the other.
We discussed at length Rivhah’s dilemma.
Was this good news or bad news?
The students engaged in meaningful conversation about Rivkah’s feelings towards this prophecy.
We thought about the differences between siblings’ rivalry vs simple siblings’ disagreements.
The 4th graders also thought about the role of the parents (Rivkah and Isaac) in this conflict.
This week we also decorated our Siddurim covers.
Looking forward to another week of learning!