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Kindergarten Newsletter

Hello Families,
We have been exploring kindness through discussion and reading stories that emphasize different ways to be kind (patience, thinking of others’ needs, inclusion, standing up against wrongdoing, remembering manners, service projects, etc.) as we celebrate kindness week.  We have been so ambitious with our activities, we have to extend it to next week! Every time someone notices someone else being kind, they write it on a link that we add to our kindness chain on each kindergarten door in the hallway. Our goal is to connect the chains by this Tuesday!
In math, we have used different tools to learn about comparing sets of objects, matching, and adding 1 more/1 less. We have started to create number sentences to move into composing and decomposing numbers visually.  An example is “5 is 1 and 4” or “4 and 1 is 5”.  We are also beginning to use 5 frames and 10 frames to visualize and manipulate numbers quickly as well as count on.

Shabbat Shalom,

The K Team