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Kindergarten Hebrew Studies

Dear Kindergarten parents הורים יקרים,

We are excited to complete our first full week in kindergarten!

Students learned to say I eat ___ אני אוכל/ת and were exposed to the verb “I drink.” We red the book Harutzim Temimim חרוזים טעימימים by Datya Ben Dor דתיה בן דור. You can listen to the song HERE. Or hear the story HERE. We used the verb in our classroom right before snack and did a series of simple art project. We are now working on our puppets which we will use in a puppet theater at the end of the unit.

We also added the days of the week to our morning routine. Please see below the list phrases and words.

In Jewish studies we begun our Charity – Tzedakah צדקה routine, our prayer – Tefila תפילה curriculum and a Rosh Hodesh tradition.

We had meaningful discussions about prayer and what is God read poems from the book: Let’s Talk About God / Dorothy K. Kripke.

We worked on wearing our Kippa כיפה and showing respect – Kavod כבוד during tefila and learned the prayer I Am Thankful – Mode Ani מודה אני.

This coming Friday our PA social action committee (Rachel -mom of Toby, Shira – mom of James and Alexis – mom of Lylah) will stop by to read us a story and talk about giving Tzedaka and vote on the charity for this year.

And please, let us know if you have any questions.

Shabbat Shalom,

Tal and Alex


What does Hannah eat? Banana – Ma Ohelet Hannah? Banana. מה אוכלת חנה?  בננה

What does Barak eat? Soup – Ma Ohel Barak?Marak. מה אוכל ברק? ברק אוכל מרק

What does Efraeem drink? Water – Ma Shote Efraeem? Mayeem. מה אוכל אפריים?  מים

What does Yoav drik? Milk – Ma Shte Yoav? Halav. מה שותה יואב?חלב

What does Ruth eat? Strawberry – Ma Ohelet Rut? Tut. מה אוכלת רות? תות

What does Dina eat? Clementain – Ma Ohelet Dina? Clementina. מה אוכלת דינה? קלמנטינה

What does Etti eat? Spagetti – Ma Ohelet Etti? Spaghetti. מה אוכלת אתי?  ספגטי

What does Eliezer eat? Carrot – Ma Ohel Eliezer? Gezer. מה אוכל אליעזר?  גזר

What does Niza eat? Pizza – Ma Ohelet Niza? Pizza. מה אוכלת ניצה? פיצה

Monday – Yom Sheni יום שני

Tuesday – Yom Shleeshi יום שלישי

Wednesday – Yom Reviee יום רביעי

Thursday – Yom Hamieshee יום חמישי

Friday – Yom SheeShi יום שישי


Who can help me with the door? – Mi Ozer Lee Em HaDelet? מי עוזר לי עם הדלת