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October 11, 2018

6th Grade News: 10/3 – 10/12/18

MATH This week, our sixth graders took their very first math quiz of the year. Two days before, all students took a pre-test to give them the practice they needed. The actual test followed the same format, so there were no surprises. Students will be given the opportunity to fix their errors (if any), and should use this as an opportunity to practice those areas they still need to master. Tests will be sent home for your signature, to be returned to me. We will then empty the math section in their accordion folders; those papers will be hole-punched and placed in a...
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Kindergarten Hebrew Studies

Dear Kindergarten parents הורים יקרים, We are excited to complete our first full week in kindergarten! Students learned to say I eat ___ אני אוכל/ת and were exposed to the verb “I drink.” We red the book Harutzim Temimim חרוזים טעימימים by Datya Ben Dor דתיה בן דור. You can listen to the song HERE. Or hear the story HERE. We used the verb in our classroom right before snack and did a series of simple art project. We are now working on our puppets which we will use in a puppet theater at the end of the unit. We...
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First Grade News

What a busy two weeks we’ve had in first grade! Our take home book bags went home this week! These book bags go home every Monday and come back every Friday. In contrast, the red or blue plastic folder that your child brings home should come back to school every day. In this folder we may put work we are sending home, important information, or homework sheets. Checked homework (with a smiley face or star on it) can stay home.   First grade writers have been working on bringing their stories to life! They’ve learned to unfreeze people by having...
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