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December 20, 2019


In ELA, students have been reading Beowulf: A New Telling. They drew fantastic comics strips of interesting moments and practiced visualizing some of the scenes from the book as a strategy for effective independent reading. Then, students began analyzing the use of symbolism in the text. Students were asked to complete their second on-demand writing assignment for the year. To write consistently for 50 minutes, aiming for a cohesive five-paragraph essay, is quite a challenge! I’m so proud of all my students. We are continuing our vocabulary study of both Wordly Wise Grade 7 words and Greek and Latin roots.


In social studies, students have been studying the origins of Islam, as well as some of the empires that developed in 6th and 7th century Arabia. Instead of alphanumeric notes, we used two-column notes to draw out information from the text and ask questions of the material.


Have a great break!



It’s the end of 2019 and the 7th grade is going on a much needed algebraic break. When they return, we’ll be getting right back into the swing of things by expanding our algebraic knowledge. Solving Linear Equations in One Variable, Ratios and Rates, and Percentages are just some of the topics they will be tackling upon their return. See you in 2020!


Thank you everyone who came to experience the amazing work of our 7th grade students. The STEAM Rube Goldberg event was marvelous. I am personally proud of everyones’ accomplishes and the overall excitement during the event.  Thank you for the support behind the scenes during this long term project. We cannot wait until our next project in science! 


Mike Noll


Hebrew Heritage

להורים שלום,
השבוע עבדנו על היחידה “ילדים עם מוגבלויות” במסגרתו קראנו סיפורים קצרים, החייכן מאת יצחק נוי ומעשה הנדיב מאת אדמונדו דה אמיצי’יס. התלמידים תרגלו קריאה והבנת הנקרא, כמו כן ערכו שימוש במילות קישור והשוואה, ערכו דיון בכיתה על השאלה כיצד יש לנהוג במצבים בהם תלמידים אינם מתנהגים כראוי מול חבריהם לכיתה. בנוסף הגיעו אלינו השינשינים וערכו פעילות מהנה בנושא חנוכה.
אני מאחלת לכם חופשה נעימה וחג אורים שמח,
Judaic Studies
7th graders learned the halacha (laws) for a kosher chanukiyah, and then designed one that reflected their values We had a wonderful time visiting with our 3rd grade buddies, helping them create bar graphs to reflect the letters spun by their dreidels. Enjoy these photos, and have a happy Hanukkah!