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Happy Hanukkah from the 8th Grade!


In humanities, we have been wrapping up our unit on Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. The students performed for the seniors at Ezra Project to rave reviews! One elder even gave it two thumbs up. 馃檪聽 Meanwhile, students explored the nation’s founding document, The Declaration of Independence, and updated its language to include their own values. Here is an excerpt from an updated version, collaborated on by Dov and Sivan:

We hold these truths to ubiquitous to all people and that we are all equal, that we have eternal rights, that among these are freedom, safety, and free health-care. — To ensure our rights, democratic governments are put in place by the people, for the people, and among the people, —聽 Whenever any form of Government is either taking away rights, outdated or is too powerful, we the people have the right to take their power away, and institute a new government to which they see fit, within reason, to please the majority.



Science has started the unit of culinary science. This exploration will focus on the chemistry this is applied to food science. The concept of proportion is important in chemistry. That is why a few weeks ago students learned how to balance chemical equations. During a fun challenge, students had to figure out the correct proportion required to make lemonade. With only three parts of the formula, water, lemon juice and sugar, they needed to figure out the balance in order to make a drink not too sweet or too sour. During this activity students quickly discovered the concept of a saturated solution when there was too much sugar for the given liquid. After the break we will continue to explore concepts of culinary science.聽聽

Mike Noll



Dear parents,

Hard to believe, but the first part of our year has concluded! For the last two weeks, Hebrew K has been discussing the weather and its influence on our lives. The students have been practicing leading conversations on weather and on how life is in various weather conditions. They also read a few texts about the way weather influences life in Israel.

Hebrew J has been discussing Israeli music, paying attention to beat, tune, lyrics and the performance itself. The students have practiced leading conversations about various artists in Israel.

I wish everyone a wonderful vacation, and see you next year!




It’s nearing the end of 2019 and the 8th grade is going on a much needed break! With high school applications, interviews, and tests (mostly) behind them and their play on the horizon, the 8th graders have a lot of exciting things to look forward to in 2020! In math, they’ll be working on Statistics through the month of January before moving on and learning more about Functions in depth. See you in 2020!



诇讛讜专讬诐 砖诇讜诐,
讛砖讘讜注 注讘讚谞讜 注诇 讛讬讞讬讚讛 “讬诇讚讬诐 注诐 诪讜讙讘诇讜讬讜转” 讘诪住讙专转讜 拽专讗谞讜 住讬驻讜专讬诐 拽爪专讬诐, 讛讞讬讬讻谉 诪讗转 讬爪讞拽 谞讜讬 讜诪注砖讛 讛谞讚讬讘聽诪讗转 讗讚诪讜谞讚讜 讚讛 讗诪讬爪讬’讬住. 讛转诇诪讬讚讬诐 转专讙诇讜 拽专讬讗讛 讜讛讘谞转 讛谞拽专讗, 讻诪讜 讻谉 注专讻讜 砖讬诪讜砖 讘诪讬诇讜转 拽讬砖讜专 讜讛砖讜讜讗讛, 注专讻讜 讚讬讜谉 讘讻讬转讛 注诇 讛砖讗诇讛 讻讬爪讚 讬砖 诇谞讛讜讙 讘诪爪讘讬诐 讘讛诐 转诇诪讬讚讬诐 讗讬谞诐 诪转谞讛讙讬诐 讻专讗讜讬 诪讜诇 讞讘专讬讛诐 诇讻讬转讛. 讘谞讜住祝 讛讙讬注讜 讗诇讬谞讜 讛砖讬谞砖讬谞讬诐 讜注专讻讜 驻注讬诇讜转 诪讛谞讛 讘谞讜砖讗 讞谞讜讻讛.
讗谞讬 诪讗讞诇转 诇讻诐 讞讜驻砖讛 谞注讬诪讛 讜讞讙 讗讜专讬诐 砖诪讞,

Judaic Studies

8th graders completed our study of a series of sugiyot (discussions) in the Talmud about Hanukkah. They took on this challenging material with curiosity, focus, and hard work. It was a pleasure learning and discussing with them! We celebrated our learning by finding ways to portray sugiyot in food; designing hanukiyyot to reflect the variety of ways of observing Hanukkah described in the Talmud; and took a difficult test. They were amazing! Enjoy the photos, and have a happy Hanukkah!