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Hello Kindergarten Families

Kindergarten has been a whirlwind of events and industrious learning!

We have been enjoying reading and discussing many of Kevin Henkes books to improve our reading and writing craft. We also enjoy comparing and contrasting the stories! We explored how he shows character emotions through pictures and words and are starting add feelings to our narrative sentences and illustrations. We also are noticing emotions in books we read independently.

We have jumped into the world of surveys through thinking of topic, asking people what they like best of three things, recording, graphing, and analyzing the results. The office staff and security guards loved being surveyed! This upcoming week we will start to to explore coins and money.

Now that it is spring, students are able to plant with Anne in our garden. They have been planting, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. We can’t wait to taste the veggies in the fall! Kids also got to create earthworm houses!

Mark your calendar for the following!

For the Kindergarten Kabbalat Shabbat we will be baking Challah for the Shabbat Boxes. Parents are invited to help mix up the dough on Monday, May 19, Tuesday, May 20, and Wednesday, May 19 from 8:30-9:00. If you would like to help on one of those days please email Dawn at dwheatley@hannahsenesh.org.

Upcoming Events

Kesher Day
Grandparents and Special Adults Visit
Friday, May 17

Kindergarten Kabbalat Shabbat
Friday, May 24

Kindergarten Trip to Brooklyn Children’s Museum
(more information to follow)
Tuesday, May 28

Kindergarten Trip to Botanical Garden
(more information to follow)
Monday, June 3

Enjoy your weekend,

Liz and Dawn