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החזון שלנו


Hannah Senesh Community Day School is a progressive, independent K-8 Jewish school in brownstone Brooklyn. We teach our students to:

SEEK MEANING. Drawing from the rich traditions of Jewish inquiry and secular scholarship, our students learn to think deeply and realize their highest academic, intellectual, and ethical potential.

BUILD COMMUNITY. Our students and families cultivate meaningful connections within the school, with Israel, and in the wider world. We share a commitment to global citizenship and social responsibility.

LEARN JOYFULLY. We approach every day with creativity, passion, and joy, and celebrate Jewish learning and life.


Our values, which are deeply rooted in Jewish teachings, guide us in all that we do at Senesh.

Kindness – Chesed – חסד
We treat each other with respect and strive to demonstrate compassion and empathy.

Openness – Elu v’Elu – אלו ואלו
We seek to understand diverse perspectives and accept those with different ideas.

Responsibility – Areivut – ערבות
We take responsibility to support the well-being of others in our community and the world around us.

Perseverance – Hatmadah – התמדה
We apply ourselves in all we do and earn the satisfaction of seeing things through, especially when the challenge is great.

Journey – Masa – מסע
We embrace life as a continuous journey of learning and growing.